Who Is Conservative Voice

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Conservative Voice is a grassroots ‘action tank’ that supports, encourages and promotes conservative principles and values.

As its name suggests, Conservative Voice’s primary goal is to provide Canadian conservatives with a strong, principled voice that will both mobilize the conservative movement for action and provide balance to Canada’s media landscape.

Funded and supported by citizens who cherish individual freedom, free markets and smaller government, Conservative Voice is independent of all political parties.

By employing various forms of media, our mission is to ensure Canadians understand why government fiscal responsibility is important, why individual freedom matters and why we need an economic climate that promotes and protects our free market system.

Conservative Voice’s believes in

  • Smaller government with minimal state intervention;
  • Individual rights and equality for all Canadian citizens;
  • Individuals to provide for themselves, their families and their dependents, while recognizing government must respond to those who require assistance and compassion;
  • A free and competitive economy;
  • Strong national security

Conservative Voice’s Mission

To raise support and awareness for conservative ideals; and to keep Canada on the right track of Conservative principles and policies while keeping Canada’s political landscape balanced.