Liberals Netflix Flop and Ponder New Tax On Canadians

downloadNot 7 months ago, Liberal Minister of Heritage Melanie Joly said “There will be no Netflix Tax.” as noted in this article in the Financial Post.

Yet they went to the public and have asked what the appetite is for a tax on the streaming service.

The report said support was greatest for making telecom and foreign companies contribute, but participants did not want the added cost to be passed on to subscribers.

And just where do these participants and the government think that money will come from?  CEO salary?  Cost cutting?  The bottom line is if they implement a system and expect the telecom companies or foreign companies like Netflix to pay for supporting Canadian content the burden will be carried by you and me through increased costs.

And this news of a potential new tax on the heels of the report projecting the budget would be balanced in 2055.  The Liberal government does not have a revenue problem.  It has a spending problem that it expects you, your children, your grand children and your great grand children to pay for.