National Executive Director Announcement

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National Executive Director Announcement

OTTAWA, ON – Conservative Voice is pleased to announce it has named Alise Mills as National
Executive Director.

Dan Hilton, Chair of Conservative Voice stated, ”We are delighted to announce such a passionate and
well respected leader to share her Conservative Voice as we continue to build momentum in support of
the next federal election”. He added,”Alise brings a wealth of media and fundraising experience to our
grass roots initiative.”

Alise Mills has an extensive background in strategy, communications and public affairs in Canada.
Throughout her career she has worked for public affairs companies and later as a strategist and
communications consultant for various corporate and Conservative political clients. In 2009, Alise began her role as political and media commentator with CTV, CORUS radio, Global News; and in 2011 joined CBC as a regular political commentator including her role as a contributor to CBC’s Power and Politics.

Conservative Voice is a grassroots ‘action tank’ that will support, encourage and promote center-right
parties supporting fiscal conservative principles and ideas. Conservative Voice’s primary goal is to put
center-right ideas into action by engaging the hearts and minds of Canadians and engaging the hearts
and minds of Canadians and encouraging active participation. We believe Canada needs an organized
non-profit voice financed by industry and passionate individuals to represent conservative ideals and
ensure the Canadian political landscape remains in balance.

Conservative Voice mission is to raise support and awareness for conservative ideals; and to keep
Canada on the right track by increasing awareness of Conservative principles and policies while keeping
Canada’s political landscape balanced.

Conservative Voice believes in:

  • Smaller government with minimal state intervention;
  • Individual rights and equality for all Canadian citizens;
  • Individuals to provide for themselves, their families and their dependents, while recognizing
  • government must respond to those who require assistance and compassion;
  • A free and competitive economy;
  • Strong national security

Conservative Voice is: an independent nonprofit organization, fully compliant with any legislation restricting third party advertising during an election period (writ). Conservative Voice is not affiliated with or controlled by any political group. Conservative Voice welcomes supporters of its center-right values regardless of party affiliation, and looks forward to working with those who are willing to advance the ideas and principles consistent with our mission.

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Alise Mills

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